Affiliate Program

Before applying, please review the Program Requirements. Then, use the comment box to tell us more about you! Please include your instagram handle and a mailing address so we can send you product.

Program Requirements

Affiliate Perks

  • Monthly supply of Purple 13
  • 10% of sales from any purchases using your affiliate link.

    Monthly Affiliate Expectations
  • Create at least one post and one video per month on your Instagram page for Purple 13 with the bottle and label displayed.
  • Tag our Instagram account @puriansupplements and #Purple13.
  • Include your affiliate link and a call to action to go to and buy the product using your affiliate link.

    Ending the agreement
    If at anytime you wish to end your influencer agreement, please let us know prior to the end of the current month before we ship out product.
    We will cancel the agreement or put it on hold if we do not receive any content in a given month.